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Large 3-bin Cooling & Sifting Table


Large 3-bin Cooling & Sifting Table

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Large Cooling & Sifting Table


Product Specifications

~ Kettle corn sifting table, Large 3 bin.
~ 24"x48"x8" it is 36" tall 
~ Aluminum diamond plate. Removable perforated bottom for easy cleaning. 
~ We use 1 1/4" square tube legs with 1/4" walls for strength. these are far superior to the aluminum angle that others use. 
~ There are 3" casters bolted to each leg so they can be replaced if needed. 
~ We add extra support and cross members to strengthen the table. They are very sturdy and will not flex. 
~ Stainless Steel sifting screen. 3/8 inch holes
~ It comes with 3 tubs and lids that pull out from the side making dumping them a snap. 

~ Removeable legs for easy transport
~ We can also build custom sizes just contact us for a quote



Large Cooling & Sifting Table 1,150.00 799.00 + 50.00 Partial Shipping


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